The Daily Hunt

We want to see your Amazing Mermaid Butts.  We know you want to share it with us.  Submit yours for our Daily Hunt!!

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Up Close With

We want to get Up Close and Personal with you and your amazing Mermaid Butt.  Submit at least 5-10 High Res pics and tell us about yourself.  We will pick a weekly Butt to feature.

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We also want to see your Random pics.  Funny, Scary, Sexy, Cute, Amazing, or anything (Nothing Illegal Please) you want to share with us.

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Host MB.TV on our SnapChat

We want you to host an Episode of Mermaid Butts TV.  Think your Mermaid Butt has what it takes?

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**Instagram Photo Submission Disclaimer: Unfortunately we can not post all submitted images to Instagram.  As you know, they have specific “Terms Of Use” that we must follow.  If we deem any photo to be in VIOLATION of these “Terms Of Use”, we reserve the right to refuse the submission without notice.