Up Close With the gorgeous @Emilyy.Sea

When I started @Mermaid.Butts a year ago, I never thought that it would turn into somewhat of a hit. Now I am seeing that I may have something bigger than I thought.  I have met so many nice people along the way and now I want to start giving them a bit more than a Shoutout on IG.  @Emilyy.Sea has been sending in pics of her amazing #MermaidButt since the start.  Here is a few of the best and a little bit about her.  Go follow her out on Insta and show her some love. She has some amazing Photos.


“I’m Emily! I am an avid yogi and surfer. I caught the travel bug young and have visited over 50 countries (hoping to add two more this summer), I guess the more exotic countries include Egypt, Greece, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I have more animals in my family than people. I was raised that the best way to learn a lot about a person is to see how they interact with animals, you’ll separate a best friend from the crowd pretty quickly. I love healthy foods and green juices. I love living in Florida because the ocean is my home (and it is hot enough that I can drink smoothies year round). In love with @britton__, the sweetest boyfriend I could ask for and lucky to have a few best friends who are always there for me. Born and raised Floridian, have a sunny summer ☀️.”



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